The Stage 1 consists of individual reprogramming of the vehicle's engine management system, optimization of the electronic control unit. in which the regulation of the engine parameters (intake, injection, …) is customized. All the values ​​of the engine parameters in this phase remain within the safety standards prescribed by the manufacturer, including the processing of the control unit. The Stage 1 is 100% reliable, in short, worry-free driving pleasure!

For those wanting a little more than Stage 1, we have it Stage 1+ and Stage 2, which consists in optimizing a number of elements inherent in the engine to increase its efficiency. Primarily it concerns the intake, exhaust and injection system. By fitting these kinds of upgrades, more air, exhaust, and fuel flow is allowed. It is the tuning of the Nissan GTR, so you get big horsepower gains while maintaining 100% engine reliability.

In the Stage 3 you take it a step further by replacing vital internal components of the engine or turbocharger, increasing displacement, installing sport cams and larger turbochargers.